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I'm Ravidu Shehan Perera from Sri Lanka, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. So I'm keeping this blog to share my knowledge in the technical field as well as my experiences with the software engineering industry. Even though I'm an amateur in this Industry, I love to gain knowledge and experience. So stay connected with me. I will update my blogs here. so you can access them easily.

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General Topics:

  1. Let’s Challenge the Deadlines!
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  3. Game of Thrones — Things You missed…!!!!

Data Science Projects:

  1. Build a music recommendation system based on users emotions in social media

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Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is the most common network protocol which use Internet Protocol (IP) to create connection-oriented communication which facilitates the sharing the messages between network devices. Lets’ check about the details of the TCP/IP model

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Before Get to know about the TCP/IP model, you need to have a basic understanding of the OSI model and its layers. Check my blog on the OSI model here.

What is TCP/IP?

As mentioned earlier, TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and IP stands for Internet Protocol. This TCP/IP model was developed before the OSI model in the 1960s. As discussed in the OSI model, is just a concept for communication between networks. It was designed to keep the communication by separating the communication procedure into seven, simple layers. …

Basic understanding about Java concurrency

world of concurrency

What is Concurrency?

Concurrency is the execution of multiple instruction sequences at the same time. It happens in the operating system when several process threads are running in parallel. The running process threads always communicate with each other through shared memory or message passing. Concurrency results in sharing of resources result in problems like deadlocks and resource starvation.

It helps in techniques like coordinating the execution of processes, memory allocation, and execution scheduling for maximizing throughput.

Examples of Concurrency in Real-world

  • Railway Networks
  • Gardening
  • Machines in a factory
  • Banking systems
  • Travel reservation systems
  • Multiplayer games

Why we need concurrency?

Concurrency means multiple computations are happening at the…

A song recommendation system that figures out a user’s mood from social media content

woman wearing headphones and holding phone while she sings to music
woman wearing headphones and holding phone while she sings to music
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Hi guys, I was thinking of sharing my final year research with you. The reason to chose this domain is the personal experience I had when selecting a song to listen to. Even though there is some of my favourite music on my mobile, I was searching for something related to my current mood. So I thought of developing a system that detects our current emotion and suggests a song according to that.

Areas considered

As mentioned above, the main research gap I found identifies the complex emotional categories from social media content. …

Open System Interconnection (OSI) model is a conceptual framework that is used to describe the functions of a Networking system.

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The OSI model, Open System Interconnection model consists of seven separate and distinct layers which are describing a particular set of functionalities and behaviours when communicating between computer networks.

Although every protocol used for communication fits into one of these seven layers, not all communication streams will make use of the following layers. When understanding the seven layers in the OSI model, the order is important.

“Please Do Not Tell Secret Passwords Anymore”

The above line consists of a way to remember all the OSI model layers in one sentence.

Have you ever heard of Computer Network? Let’s check in to see the components of the computer networks to get a basic understanding.

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What is a Computer Network?

After searching for a long time period to get to know about the computer network, found some interesting points about a computer network.

You can simply define a computer network as a Set of technologies that connect computers. A computer network allows communications and collaborations between users.

Computer Network is a collection of computers and devices connected together

Why we need Networks?

Yes, actually Why we should know about Computer networks? You can feel like it is an unnecessary thing to get to know about. …

“Dreams without deadlines are dead in the water. Deadlines are really lifelines to achieving our goals.” -Mark Batterson

Working under time pressure is a difficult task for students. Most students work normally because they complete many tasks. Tasks are an integral part of a student’s academic career. Every student, whether at school, college or university, has to deal with these responsibilities. A student must read different subjects at once and each teacher or professor assigns a subject to be written. If the job special also accepts tasks that need to be completed. Need to complete assignments, projects and details related to office work. Every working candidate should deal with these tasks.

Well, let me tell you this, being…

“It is far easier to design a class to be thread-safe than to retrofit it for thread safety later.”
Brian Goetz

Thread states by codeGym

In concurrent programming, Java threads play an important role. A java thread should be at any point of following states at any time of exists. A thread lies only in one of the following shown states at any instant.

The year 2020 was a disaster for everyone in the world. first, there was a fire and then the worst, Covid19 hit the world. Everything was very traditional until the covid 19 effecting to our lives.

I was doing my internship at Kingslake when the first wave of covid19 hitting to Srilanka. The working from home method implemented to the office. The daily routine was wake up at 7.30 am and start the daily tasks. I had so many things in my mind since the final year was knocking the door. Working from home with kingslake family was very interesting…

Season 1

Season 1 Fan poster

With the end of the Game of Thrones season 8 fans are desperate about the script and the way, the show ends. But season 8 script nominated for the Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series in Emmy Awards 2019. ( HBO Nominations for 71st Emmy Awards2019 ). However, people missed a lot of awesome facts in the Game of thrones. Let’s have a look at it.

Series Starts with the hint of white walkers

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